Web Style Guide

Step 3 - Provide examples.
The very best way to relay your thoughts is through examples. Surf the web for examples of website features you feel would be good additions to your own site. A URL along with an explanation of what it is you like about that site and why can give our designers and programmers a more concrete view of what you are looking for and your tastes. If sample sites are not available, describe the features you want in as many details as possible.

- Step 4 - Contact Vernisage.
Email: info@vernisage.us with all the information you compile, along with any custom imagery you have that you would like us to apply. We will review the information and provide feedback and suggestions.

If you have an idea for a Web site that is totally unique, our custom services will be ideal for you. We look forward to work with you! Price List For Custom Web Sites. Please, before you plan for a custom Web site we suggest that you will take some time to read and gain some knowledge of the steps you need to take for the process of your custom website. We focus on your business purposes.
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